Club OttOmobile

Dear Collectors,

The OttOmobile Club is now a way that a lot of you have chosen to collect our models.  Thank you to all our members for their support since the first day, as it is thanks to them that our adventure continues!

For those of you reading this page for the first time, let me present you with the basic outline of the OttOmobile Club.

The club was created because a lot of our collectors, that have followed us since the beginning, were not able to order certain models; they were selling in a few hours on our webshop.

We therefore decided to offer a Club to give these members priority to reserve all the models from our collection before they were made available on our on-line shop.

Using a system of pre-ordering it is possible to reserve the models that interest you, limited to 2 examples of each model per person. Every 2 months we release a list of models accompanied by a pre-reservation form reserved for members of OttOmobile Club only.

Registration is free and does not commit you in any way.  It is simply a service that we give to our clients.

To be valid, each reservation should be confirmed with a payment before the reservation date limit indicated on all the forms.  It is possible to confirm your reservation thanks to different methods of payment that we have placed at your disposal.


It is possible to validate your reservation by bank or postal cheque in cases where you cannot use a direct debit.  Your reservation with be therefore immediately confirmed.  Cheques are cashed approximately 10 days before delivery, to make sure they will not be rejected by your bank.


Each month we take out the amount corresponding to your current pre-order, approximately 10 days before delivery.  It is the legal deadline for a direct debit to be rejected by your bank.

It is possible to stop a direct debit at any time, but the reservation will be automatically cancelled as a consequence.

BANKERS DRAFT  (Worldwide)

The bankers draft is free and the simplest, surest and quickest method of distance payment for members of the Euro zone.  Your reservation will be confirmed upon reception of your payment, to be made before the payment date limit indicated on the forms.

PAYPAL (Worldwide with the exception of France)

The transfer of money via paypal is a simple and sure method of payment.  Your reservation will be conformed at the reception of your payment, to be made before the payment date limit indicated on the forms.

BANK CARD (Worldwide)

Payment by bank card is a simple and sure method of payment.  Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of your payment, to be made before the payment date limit of the forms.

To guarantee that the member gets the models they want, they need to send back the pre-order form before the dates indicated.  After these dates we can still take into account the request but cannot guarantee reservation.

To register with the Club OttOmobile to have priority for reservations, you need to register with the Club OttOmobile on line or you can return the PDF forms, available for download on this page,

-          Registration form for the Club OttOmobile

-          The pre-order form if you wish to reserve OttOmobile models

-          A SEPA mandate with your bank details, or RIP, or a cheque.

These documents should be filled in correctly and sent either by email at the Club address [email protected]

Or by post at the following address:
2 Rue de l'Écusson
Espace Commerciale Oxygène Sud

56120 Josselin France

We invite you to also download the General conditions of sale and to read them through before making your reservation.

Once registered, you need simply to return the pre-order forms to us that we up-date every two months. If you have forgotten to note a reservation for a certain model on your form, you need simply to send us a rectified pre-order form and we will up-date your order in our system and send you a confirmation of receipt.

OttOmobile's Teamwork


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