Frequently ask questions

I can't log in to my customer account or the site doesn't recognize my password?

For pre-orders, to log in to the Ottomobile CLUB, please check that you are on the Club (membership number starting with a C): CLUB-OTTOMOBILE.COM
Models are shipped at the end of the model's month.

For the Web Shop (for our in-stock models) (membership number starting with W): WEB SHOP
The payment is immediate and by credit card only (no reservation) because the order is taken into account directly and transferred to the logistics department.
The delivery is done within 10 days.

Can I find these models in stores?

The models are available in specialized stores. However, it is easier to find them in our online store.

How do I pay when I check out in the Web Shop?

We only accept payment by credit card.
Payments by check are only possible for pre-orders on the OttOmobile Club.

I would like to know the status of my order.

To view your order'status, go to: My Account, Order history and details, then click on "Details" to view the contents of the order (the month of the mailing is indicated).
The status "reservation confirmed" indicates that we have received the payment.
You can find the tracking number of your package when it is shipped.
If not, you can also contact the customer service: [email protected] or [email protected]


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